Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

It has been a long time ...

Almost 5 month passed since I posted last time. I know some people are waiting for an update of wowmapper, but it won't happen anytime soon until I probably need it myself. I've had lots of work to do and since I'm currently employed at a company as an ActionScript programmer I've had little time to continue my own work until lately. I'm currently working on an application which will be able to stream the screen of WoW to a file (like Fraps) or via network to a remote PC/device.

It could be useful for arena teams, so you can see what your mate does as if you would sit right next to him/her. Record normal videos like you probably do with Fraps right now and so on. Here's a little demonstration of an early version:

FlowerStream (wow video streaming)

Hope you like it. It has a five seconds delay on the stream, because of me failing to pull it right into VLC :D I'll keep you updated. PferdOne aka Flowerew

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