Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010

Preview: wowmapper for windows

I finally managed to spend some time on porting wowmapper to Windows. It required some modifications in libmpq (mainly fseek) and only two small modifications in my wowmapper code. I clearly overestimated the amount of work (lucky me :D). I also fixed a little leak in the ADT code and the mesh exporter sample. Here's a preview screenshot of it:

Don't be fooled by the reading speed. It's running on an old 80GB Seagate IDE HDD in debug mode, with VLD (Visual Leak Detector) linked. The Linux results I posted were true release builds instead. I'm almost ready to release it, I just have to check a few more things beforehand to make it a smooth release this time, though I'm relying on you 64Bit-guys to report bugs. Other than that it should be ready for use before the weekend. *crossing fingers*

Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

Some "simple questing" by Ryns

For all you people that follow the memory editing section of mmowned very closely, you should have noticed Ryns work and videos there. He was the first to test wowmapper and gave me feedback regarding bugs. He's a huge step ahead of me now, and I'm very glad he shows me every update of his progress on his (private) allround questing/grinding/fishing bot.

He's working on it in his spare time (which seems to be as rare for him as for me), and he has done some quite amazing stuff in this short amount of time. Here's a video of his bot !questing! all on its own and it just took him "a couple of hours" to make it work. A COUPLE OF HOURS for a simple questing bot!!! I'm impressed to say the least. Here's the video link. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did.