Montag, 12. April 2010

Time to make something useful!

I discovered the botting community about 4 month ago, and since I'm a real Blizzard fanboy it was all about WoW I was interested in. Playing the game since release and taking pauses from time to time to discover new things everytime I come back.

In these 4 month I've learned alot! All credits must go to the community @ mmowned and gamedeception with all the numoures people providing helpful information to get started. Seriously if you say can't get the information you're looking for, you just don't try hard enough. I posted 1 single question which hasn't been answered and it was good this way, because no one will take your hand and guide you if don't put in the effort to learn.

In these 4 month (and 4 month isn't even long) I learned the following:
  • how to use a disassambler like OllyDbg
  • how to get addresses from WoW with OllyDbg and CheatEngine
  • how to hook functions in c++ and inject dlls
  • how to use linux as development environment
  • how to make a simple bot and radar -> Orwell84
  • how to read mpq files and extract map information -> wowmapper
And overall I read alot...I read what people say on the forums, I read a bunch of source code out there including ISWoWx, Babbot, NoggIt, wowmodelviewer and so on and all that helped me to build a decent fundament of how things work. READ! Especially reading sauce! Reading source and reading alot of it no matter if it's c++, c#, java or who knows which language. If you put in the effort to understand what people have done your code and style will become better in return.

So to give back to the community I started to work on a map extractor which will extract map information from WoW's *.mpq. I've plans to extract them in a format so a modeler like Maya/Blender/3DSMax can read them. In addition I would like to work on navmeshes like everyone else seems to do right now and also make them editable in said modelers to polish them after they have been build. But first things first.

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